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Vinorium Pop-up Wine Cellar

Specialized were contacted by the company Vinorium with an exciting brief to design and build a ‘Vinorium Pop-Up’ wine cellar.

Project details


Design and Engineering

Welding and Fabrication

It was a unique project, and precisely the kind of challenge that the team here at Specialized love to work on as it really showcases what the team can offer in terms of bespoke design and expert craftsmanship.
The Pop-Up was created from two shipping containers with a bespoke perspex interior, to give the  illusion of floating wine.

The Vinorium has hydraulically powered flip-up doors, which have to be raised at the same time. This proved difficult to do. After some research and testing, we identified a special valve which solved the issue. Transporting the Vinorium also proved challenging, due to its size, which meant it needed specialist cranes that were able to lift its weight. The roof of the  Vinorium, was covered with artificial grass, presenting another challenge in ensuring it was completely water-tight