Specialized Expert design, exemplary engineering

Our in-house designers are experts in their field, ready to take on the challenge of turning your idea into a detailed CAD drawing and ultimately a bespoke product.

We have an ongoing Research and Development programme that demonstrates our commitment to our clients and the products and services that we offer.

We offer the personal touch but don’t assume we can only handle small projects. Our manufacturing facilities are vast, our equipment capable of 24hour large-scale production, but we never lose sight of what’s important: safety and service.

From large-scale production…


…to expertise in the specialist and the bespoke

Specialized also has a hugely successful Motorsport division.

We are in the enviable position of wearing multiple hats. Engineers, Designers AND Drivers. As a result, we are now a winning race team, understanding the needs of Drivers and Sponsors alike.

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Our Design & Engineering services include:

  • Turning your ideas into a detailed CAD drawing and ultimately a bespoke product

  • Continually investing in R&D and new machinery to ensure we’re always ahead of our competitors

  • Equipping our employees with the skills and knowledge to turn our clients’ ideas into exceptionally high quality products

  • A specialist Motorsport division, the epitome of engineering excellence

We have worked closely with Specialized Cutting for many years and enjoyed a very good relationship. The quality of parts supplied is second to none along with good accuracy and lead-times which are adhered to. The technical back up offered from the design and programming office is a great asset for us to work alongside. I look forward to continuing our close working alliance for the foreseeable future.

Alan Bowles, Director, Kejan Precision Engineering Co. Ltd