Specialized Exceptional precision, superior products

When Specialized was formed, the founders made a commitment that the company would always remain true to its name.

Investing heavily in Research & Development is key to ensuring that we keep to the promise that they made in the early days. It also ensures that we stay ahead of our competitors and guarantees our clients the best possible service and products.

Specialized Cutting is precisely that. Utilising the latest cutting equipment and techniques we offer exceptional precision and superior products.


Laser Cutting

Sheet metal processing represents a unique quality and high level of production flexibility and diversity of materials.

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Water Jet Cutting

With waterjet cutting, the cut material is influenced neither by thermal nor processing forces.

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Brake Press

Brake Press is used to bend and fold metal by pressing it into a die to bend and form your parts.

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Guillotining using VR Technology for reliable cutting quality due to automatic setting of the blade angle and blade gap.

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Our profiling and cutting fabrication services include:

  • Mild steel laser cutting up to 25mm

  • Stainless steel laser cutting up to 15mm

  • Aluminium laser cutting up to 12mm

  • Twin-headed Bystronic water jet cutting up to 150mm in virtually any material

  • Folded and fabricated profiles

What they say...

We have been working with Specialized and the team for the past 6 years. We have been very impressed by the service and the urgency they put into our projects. They have watched us grow as a company and accommodated our smaller and larger projects. Great team - thank you!

Viviane Goodwin, Director, Goodwin & Goodwin