Code of Conduct

This is the Specialized Group Code of Conduct and it applies to all of our subsidiaries. Our code of conduct exists for the following reasons:

  1. To ensure that all of us within the Specialized Group observe applicable laws and regulations that affect our work and
  2. To articulate a broader set of ethical standards that can be used as a practical guide in our conduct and decision-making.

It is part of our overall ethics and compliance program designed to promote and protect our most important company values. This code does not replace what we know instinctively, neither does it replace the expectation to exercise good judgement in legal and ethical behaviour. However, we are conscious that in a world full of challenges there are too many critical areas of concern for the company to leave our business to just instinct and judgment.

Thus, here at Specialized we provide guidance where uncertainty may exist. It is our absolute legal and moral obligation and a source of great strength for us as a company that we manage ourselves and our business with the highest degree of honesty, ethics and integrity. Group Managing Director Glen Charles states: “Conducting our business as true professionals, treating our customers with respect, and assuming our responsibilities; all of this simply means doing our job properly.” In many ways, that epitomizes the Specialized culture.

Adherence to this code of conduct, therefore, is an essential condition of employment at every level of the Specialized Group, and these guiding principles and values are shared by all of our companies. First among them is “Strict respect for the law” and “Honesty and integrity.” Each set of rules within this code of business conduct originates from one or more of these guiding principles. They need to be acknowledged by each of us so that we continually renew our commitment to promote and protect these principles and the following values.

Our Values reflect the high standards we hold ourselves to in every aspect of our business. Specialized values are Commitment, Performance, Partnership and Passion:

Specialized Our Values

Commitment:Specialized is dedicated to ongoing research and development in the search for credible and innovative solutions to the challenges our clients face. We collaborate with our clients to identify their challenges, and our designers and engineers solve problems as befits a reputable boutique engineering company.

Performance: Specialized works to continually improve our operational performance, service quality and results.

Partnership: At Specialized we build strong partnerships with our clients, customers, employees, communities and suppliers. We work together in ways that build trust – keeping our promises, being respectful of others’ ideas, and acting with integrity.

Passion: We are passionate about safety and quality, producing work to the highest practicable standard in a manner that never compromises the safety and wellbeing of our staff and clients alike. We care deeply about encouraging diversity of people and ideas and are proud that our team reflects this at all levels in a manner that few companies of our size can match.

The foundation of our values is a spirit of caring. We see care as central to everything we do. The care that we show for our employees each day; their safety, development and welfare is at the heart of the service we provide. Externally, we show our care for our clients by listening to their needs and critical paths, building relationships, supporting them and respecting their opinions and goals.

We show our care for the planet by continually working on improving fuel efficiency, green driving, and taking environmentally friendly actions in our offices and facilities. Our values and our spirit of care guide our everyday choices.

The Specialized Safety Credo
At Specialized we strive to embed safety awareness, consciousness and behaviors into everything we do. This is a commitment we share with our employees throughout the group. We are dedicated to providing safe service and a safe workplace.

Promoting and protecting our reputation for meeting the needs of our clients requires that we honour our contractual and legal obligations to our customers, suppliers, subcontractors and all those with whom we contract to do business. Accordingly, before entering into any contractual relationship, we will undertake a thorough and competent review and have a good understanding of the terms and provisions of the contracts and the commitments we make.

The Specialized Group will make no commitment that we are not capable or willing to fully honour, or willfully fail to perform any contract without legal justification. We will always be honest in our records and reporting of financial information. All financial books, records, reports and accounts will conform to accepted principles, and will fully and accurately state what they purport to show. We will not record entries and knowingly conceal or disguise the true nature of a transaction.

In summary, the Specialized Group’s Values and Code of Conduct guide the actions of our people. At the original formation of the company in 2005, we took great care to define them and our modern day executives evolve them, because they in turn define us. Our goal is, and has always been, to have the Specialized Values and Code of Conduct permeate our culture and guide our employees in how they treat our clients and the world at large.

Mark Gower
Mark Gower
Specialized Group Founder


Simon Horrobin
Specialized Group Founder